AZON RAZOR UV-LED direct printer

Azon Razor UV-LED printer is the smallest format flatbed from Azon:

  • print area 11.4″ x 31.5″ (290×800 cm)
  • for objects up to 8″ height
  • prints color and white simultaneously
  • full or partial gloss lacquer coating
  • textured, raised printing
  • ADA-compliant braille printing
  • plug&play ROTAX round printing unit for cylindrical and even cone objects


Stability and reliability of Azon RAZOR

Meeting the increased demands of fast growing market Azon successfully prepared new upgrades to rise up productivity and profitability of its solutions. Azon Razor Hale is combining more superior laser auto heights sensor adjustment. The improved vertical movement achieved with one motor provides more precise, faster and secure operating.

Efficient ink system model

In order to maintain accurate high-quality printing even during long production runs. Azonprinter incorporated six specially designed bulk ink tanks with monitoring sensors which are built to meet the demands of high volume operations. Each tank holds 500 ml of ink which is extremely easy to handle and remove. Azon’s unique automated ink recirculation system circulates the white ink in the machine on every start up and shut down of the machine to prevent the ink settling. Ink tanks can be refilled from ink bottles, ink waste is minimized and you can print continuously without interruptions. In addition, this system controls the discharge of white ink, reducing ink waste and eliminating manual maintenance.

New vibrant and colourful UV TurboJet inks

To meet customers’ business requirements, ink configuration comes in two options: CMYK+ 4x White or CYMK+2x White + 2x Gloss. New UV TurboJet ink are improving the quality of print dramatically. Vibrant and colourful prints can be expected on any type of material: stone, glass, wood, plastic, and canvas regardless for indoor or outdoor use. The versatility of white ink as a base for high-density CMYK layer delivers unusual and creative textures on all materials.

Advanced AZON RIP software for unique special effects

Azonprinter launched the perfect fit, so far a complete full-featured Azon RIP software. It is offering different features like printing up to 5 layers in inline mode depending on resolution, fading and changing the number of used nozzles. Creating emboss or raised print up to 2mm allowing customers on that way to print any ADA- compliant and Braille script standard requested. Azon RIP allows users to instantly choose the proper settings for their most popular applications which dramatically increase the printer’s productivity and overall performance.

Rotax adapter for cylindrical printing

The possibilities of digital printing have now been doubled with specially designed rotary adapter. Rotax allows printing on a vast range of cylindrical objects with diameter ranging from 41 mm to 127 mm and height up to 279 mm. Print on cylindrical and cone objects such as beer and wine glasses, cups, candles, tube, cans, tanks, vases, awards and much more. Rotax makes cylindrical printing efficient and precise by delivering both white and full color prints.

Additional information

Max print area

11.4" x 31.5" (290×800 cm)

Max media thickness

7.9" (20 cm)

Printing technology

piezo inkjet technology (8 ink channels with 180 nozzles each)

Printing resolution

up to 2,880 dpi

Ink capacity per color

17.9 fl.oz. (500 ml) bottle, refillable

Ink configuration

CMYK WW, CMYK WG and other options available

Ink curing

UV-LED (adjustable)

Included with printer

White ink circulation, automatic height adjustment, ink tank sensors, starter kit with ink, cleaning materials and accessories

Optional items

– ROTAX round printing unit for cylindrical and cone objects




Windows 7 Professional and higher




110 V, 50/60 Hz


57 x 32.2 x 43.7 in. (1450 mm x 820 mm x 1110 mm)


247 lbs. (140 kg)