modico® Stamps

A revolutionary design

Modico® combines perfect operation with compact and ergonomic design. Different sizes and up to 5 different mount colors.

High quality imprint

Due to the high resolution of the stamp of up to 600 dpi, you can have an imprint with grayscale and even photos. Small texts, fine lines, logos, signatures and photos are no longer a problem.

Large number of impressions

Our office ink have a 7 year warranty against drying. With an inked cartridge you get up to 20,000 imprints. Every stamp can be easily re-inked, the text plate and the cartridge are replaceable.

Plenty of options

Office stamps are available in 13 different ink colors. Additionally, stamps can be also produced with permanent inks, quick drying for different solutions. Therefore, you can stamp on different materials, for example, photo paper, metal, synthetic materials, wood, ceramics, textiles, golf balls, etc.