modico® Stamp Copy Units

For the fastest stamp production

No room for a new device? The modico exposure unit fits in even very small offices and business premises. Compact, easy and safe to use, the machine with the newest microprocessor-controlled technology leads to a perfect result. It`s got a wide range of application, for microporous textplates and various brands of stamps.

After a reasonable purchase there aren`t any further expenses, neither for maintenance nor any exhaust systems and chemical waste disposal. The flash lights manage up to 40.000 exposures and can be replaced afterwards. There is a warranty of two years on the exposure unit.

Advantages of the modico Exposure Units

•  small investment
•  no current costs, no service contract needed
•  little space requirement
•  up to 40.000 exposures per lamp
•  every lamp is replaceable for it`s own
•  usable for every flash Stamp
•  high quality product made in EU, with 2 years guarantee