The Nuremberg Bridal Cup

A drinking cup which stands for harmony and love.
The legend says that a goldsmith fell in love with a wealthy Duke’s daughter. The Duke, who was against this relationship, had the goldsmith thrown into the dungeon for that. When the Duke’s daughter learned what was happening to her lover, she begged her father to release her beloved. The Duke gave the goldsmith a cunning, an unsolvable task. If he were to make a drinking cup from which two people could drink at the same time, without spilling a drop, he would release him and he would take his daughter to be his wife. The skillful goldsmith designed a perfect drinking cup, the bridal Cup. His mistress, as a female figure, whose skirt serves as a drinking cup (for the groom), while the bride drinks from a second pivoting cup, which the female figure holds in her hands high above her head. So it is easy for the couple to drink from it at the same time. The goldsmith had made it and the two joined the Covenant of life and love and lived happily ever after until the end of their days.
To this day, the Bridal Cup is a symbol of harmony and love in a fresh new marriage.