TRAXX Stamps

TRAXX Printer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of marking devices and although a youngcompany in the field it has achieved worldwide recognition and is present in over 90 countries worldwidewith a distribution network that extends worldwide in Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Marking solutions

TRAXX Printer manufactures a full line of marking devices consisting of plastic self-inking stamps and daters, heavy duty metal stamps and daters, manual bankers and band stamps, pocketstamps and the office line, a comprehensive product line with ready to use stamps and DIY stamps, while constantly developing new products following the demands and trends in the modern office environment.

Quality management

TRAXX maintains a quality management and assurance system and has received ISO 9001 certification. To attain this certification TRAXX has implemented guidelines, policies and processes in line with the ISO quality standards. In 2017 TRAXX was succesfully certified under OHSA18001:2007 for occupational safety and health. This certification establishes that the company meets the highest possible globalstandards in occupational safety and since 2018 is a proud BSCI member.