Modico A Series

The stamp for professional use

The modico® A-series is our professional tool for tough permanent use. Whether as a test stamp in the industrial environment, stamping bonus cards or at admission control, the stamp made of one piece of aluminum makes a good impression.

Also for textile- and fast drying inks, the A-Series is perfectly suited.

The modico® A-series as a textile stamp.

Filled with the modico® FS-ink (fabric stamp), which was especially developed for marking textiles, the stamp of the modico® A-series leave a colour-fast imprint on many woven surfaces. Depending on surface, wash temperature and detergent, the color will stay for up to 50 times of washing.

Following materials can be stamped on:

• Labelling of service or childrens’ clothing,
• Marking of hotel inventory such as towels
• Article and charge numbers on fabrics, and much more

The modico® A-series for smooth surfaces:

Filled with the modico® PUI-ink (all surface), which was especially developed for marking non-porous surfaces, the stamps of the modico® A-series leave a fast drying and permanent imprint.

modico® A-series for GOLF BALL marking

The golfball stamp by modico® revolutionizes the stamping of golf balls. It has never been easier to personalize a golf ball yourself. With light pressure the stamp made of high quality aluminum puts a clean imprint of the individual motif onto the golf ball. The imprint is dry after a few seconds and no longer wipeable.