BOFA Laser Fume Extraction

Laser Fume Extraction – ADVANTAGE range

By maintaining a dust-free operating area, our systems help to protect valuable equipment, maintain a higher quality mark and reduce the number of rejects and contaminants.

BOFA’s ADVANTAGE range of laser fume extraction and filtration systems are designed for applications that generate particulate and gaseous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within the laser coding, marking, cutting and engraving industries. Our Base units have been designed so that a number of manufacturer’s laser engravers can sit on top of the extractor, effectively doubling up as a work station.


Traceability and date codes
Deep laser engraving
Laser coding
Laser marking
Laser drilling
Laser cutting
Laser welding
Laser etching
Laser engraving
Laser micro-machining
Web scoring
Laser perforating
Laser cleaning
Laser kiss cutting
Laser pairing