modico® Stamp System

Do you want to see how to produce rubber stamps in less than 1 minute? With the modico® Stamp System the stamp production is not only fast and emission-free, but also extremely profitable. The margin on a stamp is about 70%. You can make additional money with a really small investment.

See how it works!

Become a stamp maker – it`s profitable!

With a modico® exposure system you can make your own stamps in no time at all. All there‘s left that you need is a conventional laser printer and our stamping material.


•  small investment
•  no current costs, no service contract needed
•  little space requirement
•  up to 40.000 exposures per lamp
•  every lamp is replaceable for it`s own
•  usable for every flash Stamp
•  high quality product made in EU
•  2 years guarantee